Why WH?



WH SOLUTIONS Differentiators


WH Solutions vs. General Contractor – General Contractors typically charge 15% of total project costs.  WH Solutions provides a more comprehensive services at roughly half of the fee. WH Solutions acts as an Owner’s Representative, instead of a General Contractor, therefore all contractors’ contracts are negotiated and managed by WH Solutions but signed by the Owner. WH Solutions ensures the Owner is protected through adequate contractor’s liability insurance and the execution of Hold Harmless Agreements. 

Economy of Scale – WH Solutions can obtain competitive material and labor costs through economy of scale. Many property owners and co-op/condos have one-time construction/building improvement needs and often do not have the leverage to negotiate competitively. Through its relationships and track record with various contractors and other professionals, WH Solutions can negotiate aggressively, allowing the ownership to benefit from its economy of scale.

Scope of Work Negotiation – The devil is in the details developing work scopes and comparing contractor bids. Negotiating bids is a dynamic and painstakingly detailed process, as it relates to unit pricing, mandatory versus discretionary items, change orders, timing, union and municipality/agency requirements, and direct/indirect material purchases.  The combination of negotiating every bid by unit price and understanding the scope of work and physical condition of the building, WH Solutions’ hands-on approach ensures the Owner’s will get the best negotiated cost possible, while achieving Owner’s goals and expectations.