Basic Scope of Services

Construction Administration and Management

  • Financial Management
  • Time/Schedule and Budget Management
  • Quality Control 
  • Responsible for All Transmittals, Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Payment Applications
  • Permit Applications and/or Violations
  • Maintain/Record All Documentations (Hard & Soft Copies)
  • On-Site Inspections & Evaluations
  • Interact with Project Managers, Property Managers, and/or Other Personnel
  • Engagement Of All Third Party Vendors

– Send, Obtain & Negotiate Proposals
– Prepare and Review  Certificates Of Insurance/ Hold Harmless Agreements (Indemnities)
– Review All Contractual And Legal Documents
– Review All Comparative Biddings
– Project Development And Review Scope Of Work
– Ability To Negotiate Through Economy Of Scale
– Contracting

  • Owner Representative at Landmarks Preservation Commission Meetings and/or Public Hearing
  • Attention to Details

– Brick & Mortar Selections
– Landmark Details (stones, mortar, brick, etc.)
– Lobby & Hallway Renovation
– Elevator Modernization
– Building-Wide Window Replacement
– Building-Wide Plumbing & Electric Replacement
– Boiler Replacement

  • Property Evaluation (Before & After Construction)
  • J51 & MCI Qualification Determination
  • Rent Projection Versus Legal/Preferential Rents
  • Development Of Optimal Renovation Plan
  • Residential and Commercial Appraisal

       – On-Site Inspection & Evaluation

WH Solutions can provide the complete services or a menu of services, catering to Owners’ necessities.