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CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION – WH Solutions manages every component of a capital improvement project including the initial physical inspection, project budgeting, third-party vendor engagement, consultation of project financial impact, coordination and collaboration with property management, municipal/agency filings, quality control of materials, labor and aesthetics, and administration, including recording keeping and review of invoices, requisitions, architectural drawings/details, field reports, design bulletins, change orders, Certificate of Insurances, Hold Harmless Agreements, contracts/proposals, permits, and schedule of values.  For properties in Historic Landmark Districts, WH Solutions will assist in obtaining all permits, sign off and attend public hearing as Owner’s Representative.  

CONSULTATION – WH Solutions believes all construction should translate into long-term or short-term property valuation gain.  However, there is no set dollar-for-dollar benefit when it comes to construction and value. WH Solutions not only understands the physical asset and construction, it also assesses the market fundamentals, comparables, return on equity, and overall valuation impact. WH Solutions will help maximize your return while minimizing your time and money. 

MCI – HPD has a strict Major Capital Improvement (MCI) Qualifications and its guidelines are also difficult to comprehend.  It is incumbent upon the ownership to understand and effectively implement these programs, as majority of the General Contractors lack the understanding of these rules.  Too often, many projects fail to adequately meet these qualification requirements upon completion and miss the crucial chance to obtain MCI approval.  WH Solutions has a strong track record and an in-depth understanding of these qualifications and can modify the scope of work at the project inception to ensure the work qualifies and maximizes the MCI benefit thereby allowing the property to maximize its income potential.  

CERTIFICATIONS – WH Solutions is certified as MBE, WBE, and DBE, and pending WOSB and LBE certifications.  Since there is a dearth of WBE certified firms in real estate and construction industry, WH Solutions can be of great benefit to Owners or other prime contractors seeking to utilize WBE service firms.